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Citrix Systems is a software development company that specializes in creating mobility solutions for businesses and individuals. Their products are currently being used all over the world by hundreds of thousands of businesses and organizations as well as millions of individuals. While having a traditional in house sales staff, Citrix uses its e-commerce website which can be found here: On the website Citrix uses promo coupon codes in order to offer special discount pricing for its products to visitors.

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The Internet has become a gold mine for businesses that have relied mostly on their in house sales and word of mouth for the majority of their total sales. That has been changing recently with more and more companies discovering that they can reach a much more global audience for their products by establishing an e-commerce website that can be used by people and businesses anywhere around the globe. Since it is online, all the sales are handled through a shopping cart and the process is automated. The use of discount coupon codes is an easy way to encourage visitors to make a purchase in order to save money.

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While seasonal and holiday promotions were once thought of as strictly as brick and mortar business sales tactics, that has definitely changed, these days most online retailers take advantage of these methods in order to bolster their sales numbers. By posting special discount coupon codes on their site and encourage visitors to redeem them during checkout is a win-win for Citrix Systems and the customer.

About Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems has been providing high quality products for the IT industry for 25 years. It is a publically held company founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1989. It was founded by a man named Ed Lacobucci and it is still maintains its company headquarters in the same area of Florida. Their primary focus is of Application Delivery and Virtualization Software for the IT Industry.

Citrix Systems has had a strong strategic and financial alliance to two biggest hitters in the technology industry Intel and Microsoft. Thanks to these strong alliances has made Citrix System into the multinational software developer they are today. They employ over 8000 workers and they maintain several facilities around the world. They have subsidiary operations in Massachusetts, California and software development facilities in Australia, India, UK, Germany and Canada.

Citrix has grown into one of leading technology company’s in the world. They have been innovating and developing IT focused since the very beginning. They make products for server, application and desktop virtualization, software as a service, networking cloud computer technology. Today they have seen their sales explode with a number of their most popular products being used by more and 300,000 businesses and organizations all over the world.

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Through the years Citrix has grown as company with employees that are dedicated in delivering the best quality products and services to each and every customer. They built an award winning software development team, customer care staff and knowledgeable technical support staff that is always will to help out when they are needed.

Products offered by Citrix

Citrix has become one of leading developers of mobility related products for businesses and individuals. For 25 years they have been innovating in the development of business collaboration, sharing and service providing for the IT industry. They have revolutionized the mobility market with many of the popular products that makes it possible for users to access their desktop from just about anywhere on the planet.

Citrix is designed to deliver products and services designed to help businesses transform their business into one that is able to take advantage of today’s mobile environment. Their products targets individuals and three distinct segments of business; Enterprise and Medium sized business, small sized businesses and departments and Service providers.

GoToAssist was designed to help businesses better manage their IT Operations. It is filled with many tools and an easy to use interface. It can help any business streamline its IT operations, deliver better technical support and keep costs down.

GoToMeeting is powerful collaboration system that allows you to set up a virtual meeting with participants around the world. Each person can share files, web cam feeds (even in HD) with everyone in the meeting. GoToMeeting does not require users to have any technical experience to be able to get started with it.

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GoToWebinar is powerful business tool that can help anyone create online events that can host a thousand people at time. The webinars can include spectacular HD videos with sound, share screens and many other tools for a complete interactive experience for everyone.

GoToTraining is a powerful business software tool that allows a business to set up interactive training sessions online. Whether it is for employees or even customers these training sessions can be a great way for a company to save money on travel expenses. It allows a totally online training program to reduce overall cost for training.

GoToMyPC is useful tool these days for individuals and businesses looking to take advantage of mobile technology. Users are able to directly access their desktop computer from any connected device. No need to have to load software in order to be productive away from your computer. It is extremely useful for sharing files without having to be at your desk.

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Citrix ShareFile is a powerful software driven service for businesses who need to be able to collaborate between employees. Having a secured file-sharing and sync service at the enterprise level gives businesses the peace of mind knowing that their employees are able to gain access to needed information. It also helps to maintain the security level of the enterprise at all times.

Citrix OpenVoice is a powerful software program that is designed for audio-conferencing. It can be used in conjunction with other Citrix System products like GoToMeeting, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar to add toll-free and toll calling for attendees. The VoIP functionality adds extra features like session recording and meeting management. It offers a centralized control console for better management.