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Defender Pro has been developing and innovating their software products for more than 10 years. They offer all of their software and support services from one e-commerce website; If you buy directly from you can take advantage of a discount coupons, coupon code and save money immediately on each purchase.

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Defender Pro Internet Security & Antivirus Discount Coupons 30% Off

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Defender Pro Coupon Details

The Internet has become a great resource for all kinds of businesses to market and sell their products to a much wider audience. Unfortunately, with so much competition in the threat protection market, businesses like Defender Pro have to come up with ways to entice new visitors to their website to make purchases. One successful way they found was to offer a coupon code that is entered during checkout. The pre-determined discount is immediately applied to the purchase.

Almost all businesses whether they are online or brick and mortar offline retailers plan special promotional sales around holiday’s as well as seasonal times of the year. These types of promos have proved to be very successful for Defender Pro. Instead of using the traditional mail in rebate model, they put an coupon code that can be redeemed during checkout.

Defender Pro Coupon Code

The use of coupon codes was such a success, they are using the idea to help launch new versions of their very popular software products. So when they come up with a new version or new product, they will put a special code that will offer reduced pricing for a short period of time.

About Defender Pro

Defender Pro has been offering its customers peace mind knowing that their PC is safe and running its best at all times. They have been creating products based on their threat protection technology and keeping the computer running at its best for more that 10 years. With the Internet becoming such a big part daily life, keeping computers safe from all the hazards is near and dear to Defender Pro.

Everyone at Defender from has a singular goal; providing the best quality products and services to everyone. That commitment shows in everything that they do at Defender Pro, whether it is their team of software developer or its knowledgeable technical support staff, they are all about the customer.

Defender Pro did not stop with just providing antivirus and malware detection and elimination technology, they took the unique approach of bundling threat protection with PC optimization technology into their software. This multiple function approach gained it quite a following over the years.

They have earned numerous awards over the years for their many technologies that they have developed. Their products are used in millions of home and business computers all over North America and these people are able to sleep better knowing all their data and personal information is safe from threats while connected to the Internet.

Defender Pro Antivirus & Internet Security

Defender Pro’s unique approach of providing its customers with peace of mind knowing that their computer will be safe, protected, running optimally and supported 24/7 is the hallmark of their business model.

Products offer from Defender Pro

Defender Pro is security company that has been developing quality threat protection software for both consumers and corporations for more than 10 years. They are constantly making improvements to their products as the threats on the Internet evolve. With the six core products they have a product that will match your computer security needs.

Each one of their products have been engineered using technologies that they have been developed over the past 10 years plus. Defender Pro products have been recognized to security test organizations and have been awarded several awards over the years for their innovation and security technologies.

Defender Pro sets itself apart from most of the other software companies in the threat protection industry because they decided to add PC optimization and Backup functions into their line of products.

Defender Pro offers five unique threat protection products including; Defender Pro Antivirus and Internet Security, Defender Pro Backup Vault, Defender Pro PC Medic, Defender Pro UltimateDefender Pro Free Edition and Defender Pro Live Agent.

Defender Pro Ultimate Discount Coupon

Defender Pro Antivirus and Internet Security combines two important security technologies, PC optimization and free 24/7 support. With Defender Pro’s award winning antivirus, antispyware and firewall, privacy protection all for up to 3 PC’s per license.

Defender Pro Backup Vault will backup and store your files in a secure area in the cloud and gives you unlimited amount of space. It gives you the same protection on an unlimited number of devices. A secured login and password makes it possible for you to access your backed up files from anywhere there is Internet access.

Defender Pro PC Medic is a comprehensive suite of 7 utilities designed to restore your PC back to its original condition. The tools inside can clean your hard drive of old, useless files, optimize settings, scan and repair found issues, defrag the hard drive, manage all browser addons and clean the startup folder.

Defender Pro Ultimate is Defender Pro’s super bundle, it combines all of their antivirus, Internet protection, PC optimization, Online Backup and its 24/7/365 support into one package with coverage for up to 5 PC’s per license.

Defender Pro Free Edition is powerful free antivirus program that prevents viruses, spyware and most all other malware from infecting your computer. It actively scans for potential harms while you are connected to the Internet. It also comes with 24-hour toll-free phone support whenever you need it.

Defender Pro Live Agent is like having your own personal computer support person 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You are only a phone call away when you are having hardware issues with your PC, printer, monitor, scanner and so much more. The technician can also help you with home network issues including setup of a wireless home network. The Live Agent is also able to offer advanced support on many of the most popular software programs on the market. No more need to seek out multiple support depending on what help you need.