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Flexispy has been developing and designing cell phone monitoring software and apps since it was founded. They offer their full line of products to both businesses and consumers from its e-commerce website When purchasing through they run promo deals and offer coupon codes that can be entered during checkout. These discounts will vary from time to time.

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Flexispy Coupon Details

Online retailers realize that they have to compete for every customer they get these days and it is no different for Flexispy. Even though they are widely thought of as the industry leader in cell phone monitoring software, they still do have competition. So in order to stay ahead of them, they run special promotions throughout the year. During these periods you will find coupon codes to be used during checkout and the pre-determined discount will be applied before your final checkout.

Along with the traditional promotions that are centered on holidays and other things, Flexispy will use a promotional deal to encourage visitors to purchase a new software product or latest version of a current popular product. By offering a special coupon code that a purchaser can enter when they are ready to checkout, they are able offer their software at a discounted price.
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These special discounts they run are usually short lived so you will want to check the site to see if they have a coupon code posted. That way you can save money when you are ready to make your next purchase.

About Flexispy

Flexispy specializes in providing professional level cell phone monitoring software. The company was founded back in 2004 and the very first product that was created was a commercial grade spy phone. As the industry leader in cell phone monitoring they offer their cross-platform products that cover most every phone OS on the market. All of their products are available for both consumer and corporate clients and works with most all phones; Android, iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Nokia’s Symbian and Microsofts Windows Mobile

They have built a strong reputation in the software development world and are known far and wide for their innovations especially when it comes to new technologies in the cell phone monitoring industry. They were the first to create a GPRS delivery system and to offer a spy phone for Maemo. Their ability to intercept live calls on multiple cell phone platforms including Android, iPhone, Rim Blackberry, Nokia-Symbian and Windows Mobile was also an industry first.

They employ a full time customer service staff that is fully capable of answering every one of your questions. The can be contacted by phone, email and of course online chat and are willing to answer every one of your questions. They also have a FAQ section online that is filled with so many questions and answers that you are sure to find the answer you need any time of day or night.

They stand behind every one of their products and offer a full 10 day, no questions asked refund policy. So if you are not completely satisfied with their products or services, you will get your money back.

Products offered by Flexispy

Flexispy has been developing and innovating software in the cell phone monitoring industry since 2004. They are the industry leader when it comes to allowing their consumer and business clients a way to spy on the people they need to. They designed each app to be virtually invisible and using their exclusive web-based control panel you can gain access to the information you seek.

They developed their premier software platform to work on the widest range of cell phones in the industry. There is an app available for download for the following; Android OS, Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPad and several others.

Flexispy for Android mobile devices includes; many of the smartphones and tablets running the Android OS. The feature pack app lets you gain control of almost any Android phone or tablet and listen in on conversations, track location via GPS and record live conversations. The app has to be downloaded and activated on the device of the person you want to spy on. Whether you are a business owner wanting to keep track of employees or a spouse who wants to know if you are being cheated on, Flexispy has everything you will need. All information gathered by Flexispy is accessible via any Internet browser. By purchasing one of the two services that Flexispy offers you will get access to two levels of information; Premium and Extreme.

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Flexispy for Apple iPhone Tracker gives you power to take control of most all iPhones which includes the iPhone 5s. The Flexispy iPhone Tracker is the only one of its kind that is capable of remotely turning on the phone's microphone without the person knowing it. So if you suspect your child is getting into trouble or even your spouse is being unfaithful you can download this app and activate it. Once activated all of the information gathered and stored in a secured account. The software is packed with features and depending on what level of service you pay for will depend on what features you have access to. The two levels you will have to choose from are Premium and Extreme.

Flexispy for RIM Blackberry Smartphones is the most powerful and comprehensive spying software designed to run on the Blackberry OS. The powerful Flexispy app can be downloaded and activated on any Blackberry. Once installed it is virtually undetectable and it can be used to spy on all forms of communications including listening in on both sides of a live conversation depending on which level of the software service you purchase. The basic level called Premium and Extreme. All the information gathered from the app is stored on Flexispy’s server and you will have access through a secured account from any browser.

Flexispy for Apple iPad with SpyCam is the only software of its kind that allow you to remotely gain control of the microphone and webcam on any iPad. The unique design of SpyCam does not show any indication that it has been turned on and it will record audio and video of everything within range. Flexispy also comes with 150 features for monitoring and recording of several different activities including; Skype, IM, email and GPS locations. Flexispy for Apple iPad is available in two versions and each comes with specific features; Premium and Extreme.