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Intego Software develops antivirus and security products for Apple Mac and other Apple products and sells them through its online e-commerce website Once there you will have access to all of their award-winning software and special promos and by using the coupon code you can enjoy the savings on your purchase.

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Intego Coupon Details

The software industry has been very competitive these days and that means software developers have to find ways to attract more new customers to their products. While Intego has been creating industry leading software for years, it still has to find ways to incentivise those visitors to make purchases. One of those ways is to offer a coupon which gives a certain amount off your purchase.

Intego runs discount coupon throughout the year and if you are lucky to visit their web site during one of these promotions you be able use the unique coupon at that the time you are ready to checkout and complete your purchase.

The discount amount being offered will depend on what type of promotion that is being run at the time and it will vary. So you will want to check the site from time to time to be able to take advantage of the money-saving offers when you can.

Intego also uses what it calls a Dual Protection Coupon, which means that the code needs to used to receive the product key for its products and activation codes for specific products.

About Intego Software

The Apple Mac and other Apple products are unique and while once thought to be safe from intruders from the Internet they too can be vulnerable to spyware, viruses and other malware. Intego was founded back in 1997 with a singular goal, keep Mac’s and any other Apple products safe for use on the Internet.

Over the years it has developed industry leading technologies that are capable of protecting users of Mac and iOS operating systems, which includes the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices. They created a full line of both consumer and business level software so that no matter what your needs, they had a product to fit those needs.

They developed their products to be used by all users regardless of your skill level; from beginner all the way up to very experienced user and everyone in between. Along the way they have won award after award from many of the Macworld trade magazines for their innovations and ease of use.

intego washing machine

Intego was founded back in 1997 by Laurent Marteau and he is still the current CEO of the company. It maintains three world wide offices which are located in Austin, TX in the United States, Paris, France in Europe and Nagano, Japan in Asia. From these three offices it helps Mac users throughout the world have a safer experience on the Internet. All Intego products are developed using universal binaries, that means it is available multiple language like English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Products offered by Intego

Intego has been making antivirus and security software for the Apple Mac users for 17 years. While many believe that Mac OSX operating system is pretty much immune to the all the virus concerns like Microsoft Windows users you would sadly mistaken, OSX is vulnerable to its own set of viruses and other nefarious types of malware lurking around the Internet.

They designed products for both individuals that prefer a Mac over a Windows based PC and for businesses looking to keep their Mac based enterprise network secure. They also engineered a line of security products made especially for Apple mobile devices which run on iOS operating system.

Intego products offers Mac users a wide range of benefits including:
  • Secure Internet usage
  • Antivirus protection
  • Mac desktop optimization
  • Disk cleaning/optimizing
  • Parental Controls
  • Internet usage monitoring
  • Web filtering
  • Firewall protection
  • Mobile iOS virus scanning
Intego Software’s home oriented products includes their Mac Internet Security X8, Mac Premium Bundle X8 are specially designed to provide individuals with 24hour anti-virus and Internet protection. The automatic scans use little of your precious resources to keep your system safe from malware.

Intego Family Protector and Family Protector Secure X8 are filled with powerful parental controls which can help keep your kids from seeing inappropriate content, limit their online time and monitoring their online usage. Family Protector Secure X8 has the addition of online security and full malware protection.

Intego Washing Machine is packed with Mac optimization tools designed to keep it running fast. By removing old, unnecessary files including duplicates being stored on your hard drive it will keep it running at its peak performance. It will also analyze your current desktop configuration and setup your dock and the rest of your desktop for optimum speed. Washing Machine Secure X8 adds virus and other malware protection along with improved network security and performance.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle

Intego for business offers unparalleled protection and optimization features to its business customers. Through its business line of software Flextivity, it has offered three levels of protection and services depending on your companies needs.

Flextivity Secure is the base product and it offers strictly antivirus and malware protection featuring its industry leading technology. It also provides firewall protection which helps to block on wanted malware from entering your Mac from the Internet.

Flextivity Monitor has four robust features that are designed to keep an eye on your employees online usage. You can set limits to how much usage, block specific types of sites to protect your employees from inappropriate content. It will also allow you to add application level policies company wide and restrict access where necessary using groups hierarchy. Get detailed reports on online activities that shows what websites and the amount of time spent at each one. It will also do screen captures to record anything suspicious for you to review at a later time.

Flextivity Complete is product which combines all six of the powerful tools described in both the Secure and Monitor software in one total package. So if your business needs the benefits of all of the features it would be your best option.

Intego’s VirusBarrier X8 and NetBarrier X8 are their two business oriented software programs that offer high level antivirus protection for Mac and PC with an additional feature that allows you to scan iOS devices that are attached to the Mac. NetBarrier X8 adds firewall and application monitoring to your business network.