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Get discount offer using MacPaw coupon code or promo code and save money on the purchase of MacPaw products. MacPaw, Inc. is a leading developer of software products for Mac computers, PC computers and iOS devices. The company is independently owned and operates out of offices in Vyborgska str, Ukraine, and Santa Clara, California. Praised highly in third-party reviews posted in major publications and on tech websites, MacPaw software products can help you to improve the performance of your computer and mobile devices and add new functionality to your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Clean My Mac

Clean My Mac is the most popular and well-known product in the MacPaw lineup. The program is currently in its second release and is sold as Clean My Mac 2. Downloaded by more than 4 million people, the software is used by a number of major companies and organizations, including Facebook, Tel Aviv University and Vega Systems Integrator. The product has won multiple awards, including Editor's Choice awards from Macworld and the Mac Observer and a Reader's Choice award from

Features of Clean My Mac

Clean My Mac is a software that helps Mac computers run with increased speed and efficiency. The software performs a full scan on an entire system within a few seconds and identifies problems that can negatively impact a Mac's performance. Unlike other Mac cleaners, Clean My Mac uses unique algorithms that only target completely unnecessary files, ensuring that no important files are lost or deleted accidentally. The product also flags large files that haven't been used or accessed in a long period of time, so that you can review them and determine if you wish to delete them. In addition, the software optimizes the iPhoto library, makes it easier to manage applications and assists with the removal of unnecessary widgets and plugins.

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Clean My PC

After the success of Clean My Mac, MacPaw introduced Clean My PC, a program that provides similar benefits to Clean My Mac but is made especially for Windows-based computers. Compatible with nearly all versions of Windows, including Windows 8, the program fixes registry issues, removes junk files and performs other tasks that allows PC computers to run as quickly as possible. The program can also correct errors that cause Windows computers to freeze and crash.


Gemini is a product that is often used in tandem with Clean My PC but is also beneficial when used on its own. The purpose of the software is to find duplicates of files on Mac computers. Simple to use, the product has a drag and drop interface that allows you to select which files you wish to scan for duplicate files. The program can scan even very large folders in a matter of seconds and then provides a full list of duplicate files. This way, you can quickly remove them to free up memory on your hard drive.

Clean My Drive

Clean My Drive is a software that is useful for anyone who uses external hard drives and flash drives. The tool works like Clean My PC, performing scans on external drives to locate junk files that can be removed without damaging the operation of the drive. You can use the tool to scan multiple drives at once or a single drive, and the tool will automatically eject the drives when you're finished if you wish for it to. With Clean My Drive, you can easily monitor the amount of memory space available on your drives and free up disk space as needed.

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Hider 2

Hider 2 is a computer security software made especially for Mac computers. With the software, you can protect information on your computer with AES-256 encryption, which is one of the strongest forms to ever be developed. To view the encrypted files, you simply enter a password of your choosing. The information that you choose to encrypt is readily accessible for you but cannot be viewed by hackers and unauthorized parties. The tool can be used to encrypt data on your hard drive or on any of your external hard drives for maximum information security.


Listen is a mobile application for iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad. The tool is a music player that is designed to be simpler to use than iTunes and many of the other popular apps on the market today. The idea behind Listen is that once you have activated the application, you can listen to music without having to press buttons. Instead, you can switch songs, pause, play and adjust the volume by making certain gestures on the touch screen of your device. This makes it faster to perform standard tasks. The app is often used by people at work, while exercising and while driving.

MacPaw Cleanmymac & Cleanmypc

The Cost of MacPaw Products

One of the benefits of MacPaw software products is that they can typically be downloaded free of charge. Most of the products allow you to try out the features on a promo basis without paying the full price for the program. This type of offer is beneficial for those who aren't sure whether or not a particular tool is right for them. After the promo period ends, it is necessary to purchase the product. Then, MacPaw provides an activation code to enter to get continued access to the features of the software. From time to time, MacPaw offers promotional sale deals on activation codes, allowing customers to purchase software at a reduced price with instant savings at checkout.

Getting Deals on MacPaw Products

MacPaw frequently offers discount events that provide customers with big savings, provided they have certain coupons or MacPaw coupon codes. These deals provide a dollar off or percentage off discount when purchasing MacPaw products. In some cases, coupon codes and discount vouchers can be combined with promotional sale deals. By combining one offer with another, you can enjoy very big savings on MacPaw products while getting all of the benefits of their innovative software and app solutions.