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Pinnacle Systems is a technology company that specializes in the development and sale of software and hardware used for video recording, video editing and video production. Founded in 1986, the company is now owned by software giant Corel and is one of the most well-respected developers of video-related technologies in the world. The company offers a wide variety of products with solutions for all types of video production needs. Find the Pinnacle Systems software coupon codes below.

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15% off Pinnacle Studio Coupon Code

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$10 Coupon Offer Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder HD

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Pinnacle Coupon Details

Pinnacle Studio 20

Pinnacle Studio 20 is the most well known software product in the Pinnacle Systems line-up. The program is used for video editing and has a number of key features. Capable of editing in high-definition, 64-bit quality, the program makes it possible to edit videos with a simple drag and drop technique. With the program, you receive access to more than 1500 effects, transitions and templates for enhancing videos, and 17 royalty-free music tracks are also included. Users can edit 6 tracks simultaneously and share their finished videos online and on mobile devices using the software.

Pinnacle Systems Coupon Code

Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus

Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus is a step up from Pinnacle Studio 18 and is the perfect choice of video editing software for those who need additional functionalities. The program has all of the features of Pinnacle Studio 20 and includes an additional 300 effects, transitions and templates. In addition, the number of tracks available for frame-accurate editing is quadrupled at 24. The enhanced version of Pinnacle Studio 20 also includes a live screen capture function for creating screencasts and the ability to import, edit and export 3D graphics and video.

Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate

For professionals and those looking to make Hollywood quality movies right on their computers, Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate is the ideal choice. This is the most advanced product in the Pinnacle Studio line-up from Pinnacle Systems and has all of the features found in Pinnacle Studio 20 and Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus. In addition, the program provides unlimited track frame-accurate editing and 200 more effects, transitions and templates than Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus does. The program is also the only one in the line-up to offer 4k Ultra HD video support and premium effects from NewBlue. Those who purchase the top-of-the-line product also get the benefits of iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner to improve the audio quality of their videos.

Pinnacle Studio Discount Coupon

Pinnacle Studio 20 for iPad and iPhone

With Pinnacle Studio 20 for iPad and iPhone, Pinnacle Systems has made it possible for people to create stunning videos using footage captured from iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets without having to import the videos to their computers. Not only can the software program be used with videos, but it can also pull audio and photo files into projects. There are a number of effects that can be added with the application, and you can create products in 24, 25 and 30 FPS speeds with full 1080 output support. Sharing videos with the program is incredibly easy, so there is no need to use a computer for any part of the editing process.

Dazzle DVD Recorder HD

Dazzle DVD Recorder HD is the hardware solution included in the Pinnacle Systems product lineup. This impressive hardware device is used to import videos from a variety of sources into computers for editing. The recorder is compatible with VHS, Hi8 and V8 cameras, so you can use it to archive, edit and copy home movies and more. In addition, the recorder is compatible with many other types of inputs, including DVD players and numerous video game systems. With the recorder, you even receive a basic editing program that makes it possible to add titles and transitions and edit videos captured with the recorder. For added functionality, the device can also be used with Pinnacle Studio 18 software programs.

SmartSound Sonicfire for Studio

Music can have a big impact on the quality of a video, and with SmartSound Sonicfire for Studio, Pinnacle Studio users can integrate music into their videos with the utmost of ease. The program automatically edits audio tracks to fit seamlessly into videos and allows users to fine tune the sounds and features of songs. SmartSound Sonicfire for Studio is not a standalone program. Rather, it is an add-on plug-in that is compatible with Pinnacle Studio 20.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Accessories

Users who want to add even more unique effects to their videos can purchase add-on products for Pinnacle Studio from Pinnacle Systems. Creative packs are available with new DVD menus, themes, titles and other effects, and you can also purchase Pinnacle Scorefitter Packs to get access to more royalty-free music to incorporate into your video projects.

Scoring Deals on Pinnacle Systems Products

Pinnacle Systems sells all of their software and hardware products directly to the public at their website There, you can find the latest product titles and download them for immediate use or order hardware for shipping to your home. From time to time, Pinnacle Systems will offer a promotional sale on their products, allowing you to get discount savings on purchases of new software and hardware. These types of deals may be registered automatically at the time of purchase or require you to enter codes from email vouchers or coupon or promo codes when completing your order.

Upgrading Pinnacle Systems at Discount Prices

Every year, Pinnacle Systems unveils new versions of their signature Pinnacle Studio software products. The new versions typically offer enhanced features not found in previous versions. If you already own a Pinnacle Studio software product, you don't have to wait for promotional sale events or vouchers to enjoy savings on the newest versions of the software. Instead, you can take advantage of deals on upgrades offered at Like other discount offers, upgrade deals may involve the use of a coupon or promo code or may be offered to anyone who visits the site to purchase an upgrade.