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Piriform has been developing computer optimization software for both consumers and businesses for more than 10 years. Their software is being used by individuals, businesses large and small all over the globe. While they are located in small shop in West London, they are able to reach a wider audience of users via its e-commerce website located at; At can find a special promo that includes a coupon code in order to get special pricing.

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Piriform Coupon Details

Many of today’s software companies large and small have found the benefits of using the Internet as a way to reach more potential customers as well as staying in touch with current users of its software. By using the Internet to automate its product sales it helps this small company to be able to compete with the larger companies. Along with the ease of checkout, Piriform uses promotional sales in order to encourage every visitor to make a purchase while they are on the site. The sale includes a coupon that is redeemable at checkout.

Piriform also uses special coupon codes, promo codes and coupons when they are promoting a new product or releasing the latest version of one of their popular software products. They will usually have a special link or even a banner directing visitors to a page where they have a coupon. With this code you will be able to get special pricing depending on the promotion being run.

piriform discount coupon

Piriform also uses seasonal and holiday promotions in order to boost its sales. They will post a special coupon and when it is redeemed at checkout, the discount is immediately applied.

About Piriform

The Piriform is a small town software company founded in London, United Kingdom. While it is a small company at heart, it makes software that is recognized globally and is being used by millions of computer users. It is a private limited company that was founded by Guy Saner back in 2004.

Along with its headquarters in the UK, it also has a United States operation (Piriform Inc.) and it has an office located New York City, New York on Madison Ave. They also have several regional offices located in North America and also in Eastern Europe. They employ many dedicated people as software developers, customer support staff and technical support staff so they can provide the best quality software and be willing to stand behind everything they sell.

Piriform is recognized as the global leader in computer optimization software and its software products are currently being used in 195 countries all over the world. People have installed Piriform products over one billion times and that says a lot about the quality of products they produce.

Piriform Defraggler Coupon Code

Piriform is known for creating software that makes computers run faster, be more secure and protects your personal information. It’s optimization technologies that goes into every one of their software products that are developed by their talented team of software developers. Along with a talented group of employees, Piriform relies heavily on a team of volunteers that perform a very important set of tasks including language translation, testing and support for their software products.

Products offered by Piriform

The Piriform has been developing PC optimizing software for more than 10 years ever since the company was founded in small building in West London. They developed their software to run on both Windows OS and Mac OSX operating system.

Since 2004 Piriform has been providing its customers with the highest quality optimization software in the industry. They offer a line of products for both consumers and for businesses.

Piriform created seven software products especially for consumers and they are are designed to run on Windows, Mac OSX, Android and even a cloud service:

Piriform CCleaner is the flagship software developed for keeping computers running faster by eliminating unused files, setting and other things that take up precious hard drive space. Clears out browser history, cached web pages and other files collected during each browser session. Cleans out startup file to help the computer launch faster.

Piriform Defraggler was developed to go beyond the basic function of defragmenting a computers hard drive. Piriform designed it to be able to be able to defrag at a file level unlike the defragmenter bundled in with MS Windows OS.

Piriform Recuva is a powerful tool for recovering lost or accidentally deleted files from any Windows computer. It is capable of finding lost files on USB drives as well as SD memory cards.

Piriform Speccy is a simple to use tool that will analyze all of the hardware inside your computer and puts it in an easy to read chart. No more guessing what type of processor or memory you have inside you computer case.

piriform ccleaner android discount coupon

Piriform CCleaner for Mac is designed especially to keep an Apple’s Mac OSX including the latest version 10.10 (Yosemite) running at optimum speed. It keeps Safari from slowing down from excessive online use.

Piriform CCleaner for Android is the easy to use tool for keeping any Android enabled smartphone and tablet running fast. Helps to reclaim storage space which is at a premium on most mobile devices.

Piriform puts the powerful optimization tools in cloud where you can access them from anywhere there is Internet access.

Piriform also created eight software products for business customers that will run on Windows, Mac OSX, Android and cloud services:

CCleaner Business Edition is the most powerful optimizing software designed to keep all of the desktop computers in your business running at their best. It will keep them secure and helps to reduce or eliminate crashes completely.

CCleaner Technician Edition is the perfect tool for any service provider company, it is a powerful tool to keep your customers computers running fast, safe and secure at all times. It can be loaded on from a USB drive or installed remotely for quick deployment.

CCleaner Network Edition can be used to optimize and secure every computer on your company’s network. Supports SMS, Enterprise networks and also fully compatible with Active Directory.

CCleaner Network Professional is powerful network support tool that combines the optimization of CCleaner and disk management features of Defraggler all inside one single software suite.