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Staying in touch via phone is important for any business, and RingCentral is a service that is designed to help professionals and companies keep in touch with affordable telecommunications services. Read on to discover the many services and products offered by RingCentral and find coupon codes below you can enjoy savings and deals as a RingCentral customer.

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RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is a service that allows companies to eliminate their PBX systems for receiving calls and instead get the benefits of a virtual PBX system hosted in the cloud. With RingCentral Office, employees can make calls with desk phones as they ordinarily would, but they can also use their computers and specially designed Android and iOS apps to make calls. In addition to cloud-based PBX service, RingCentral Office allows companies to send SMS text messages, to receive faxes through the Internet and to easily host conference calls. The virtual PBX service can be used by multiple office locations in a local area or located across the country. The entire system can be set up and managed from a single location using the control panel. RingCentral offers three versions of the program; Standard, Premium and Enterprise, and users pay a monthly fee per user.

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The Features of Cloud PBX

With the Cloud PBX service included with all versions of RingCentral Office, companies can enjoy many benefits. Unlike traditional PBX phone systems, the cloud-based system requires no hardware or wiring. Included with the service is the convenient Auto Receptionist feature, which answers calls automatically, greets callers and allows them to enter their extensions or select an option from a menu to quickly reach the department or person that they are trying to reach. For large companies, multiple menu levels can be created to save callers time and ensure that every call reaches the intended person. Companies can even set up the Cloud PBX system to direct calls in response to callers typing in an employee's name. If a desired employee is unavailable, the Cloud PBX system can transfer the caller to voice mail, and the employee can receive notifications through Internet fax, an email, a text message or on their desk phones.

Powerful Call Management Solutions

RingCentral Office makes it easy to manage how calls are received and handled through the Cloud PBX system. Employees are able to customize many of the features, allowing them to receive calls when they want and how they want. Some of the features that can be customized by employees and system administrators include answering rules, call forwarding rules and call screening rules. Calls can even be recorded for training purposes or for later review. Intercom services and paging services are also included with the Cloud PBX system and both employees and system administrators can browse call logs to review activity.

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Conferencing and Meetings

One of the newest services offered by RingCentral is video conferencing. With this service, companies can conduct face-to-face meetings even if they are located in other parts of the world. Using voice over Internet protocol and a web camera, smart phone or tablet, employees can see each other in stunning high definition and hear one another. Conferences can be recorded for later review, and content can be shared within seconds. Up to 50 people can be present at each video conference, making it easier than ever for people to collaborate. The RingCentral video conferencing service is included with all of the RingCentral Office products at no extra charge.

RingCentral Professional

RingCentral Professional is a virtual phone program designed for individuals who work outside of traditional office settings. It is an ideal solution for everyone from self-employed professionals who are frequently on the road and employees who travel frequently for work or telecommute. With the service, calls can made and received anywhere in the world using smart phone apps. The service includes a toll-free number with multiple extensions to make it easy for customers and clients to stay in touch, and calls are made and received using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology, which is much cheaper than traditional cell phone usage. RingCentral offers Pro, ProPlus and ProPower RingCentral Professional packages. The packages vary in the number of minutes that they provide per month and the number of extensions that can be used on the phone number.

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RingCentral Fax

While more and more documents can be sent and received via email, there is still a need to fax certain types of documents. With RingCentral Fax, it's possible for companies, self-employed individuals and consumers to send and receive faxes without having to have a fax machine. The program allows users to attach documents and send them to a specific email address using a PC, a Mac, a browser app or a smart phone. The attachment is then converted to a fax and sent to the fax machine number provided. RingCentral Fax also makes it possible to receive faxes from traditional fax machines in email form. Companies who use RingCentral can choose whether to have one fax number for their entire business or to purchase a corporate plan and allow each employee to have their own fax number. Pricing runs monthly with a variety of packages available.

RingCentral Discount Opportunities

RingCentral offers competitive rates on their products and services and is known to offer promotional sale events throughout the year to provide additional savings. When you sign up while a special offer is running, you can get a discount on the monthly rates charged for RingCentral or enjoy special promo pricing for the first months of your contract. You don't have to wait for a sale to get deals on RingCentral services and products. The company frequently offers coupon codes and vouchers that allow you to save any time of the year. Like promotional sale deals, coupon codes and vouchers can be redeemed for promo pricing that will reduce the cost of using RingCentral when you first sign up or on an ongoing basis. Special offer discount codes are usually offered for a limited period of time, making it important that you act quickly.